Sunday, August 27, 2006


Why a blog on an AIRPORT?

First, let me get the legalities out of the way: This blog is not endorsed by or affiliated with The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. That's good for them, and for me: This is my blog, and it's free from any sort of editorial pressure from the Airport.

I'm a resident of southern New Hampshire and a big aviation fan. The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is my home-town airport, and it's a jewel. These days, blogs are all over the place; everybody has one, it seems. I wanted to create a Blog for MHT as a way for me to post a chronological 'what's-going-on' at our airport. Let me also say here and now that my focus will be on the commercial side of aviation, and cargo too. MHT has other things going on in terms of general and biz aviation--Wiggins and such--but I'll leave that to other bloggers.

What will the rest of 2006 bring? How about 2007? This is one place to keep track of it all! This blog will be a place for my own personal musings about MHT, my own experiences and observations. I'll report news as I come across it, and I won't be shy about posting rumors I hear. Of course, those 'rumors' will be defined as such.

I hope you enjoy--and bookmark--this blog for future reading! Speaking of bookmarks, please check out those on the left. You'll find links to the Manchester Airport official site, and to my own Manchester Airport Yahoo! Group. If you like listening to MHT Tower, there's a link that'll take you there. Finally, if you're a commercial aviation nut, you obviously know about But the link is there in case you're not as nutty as some of us!

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